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Insurance for Business Owners and Professionals

You work hard to build your business and grow your income and assets.  It is imperative that you protect it.  There are various forms of insurance that can help you to do that, and some can even help you get more out of your company’s assets.  We help business owners and professionals to make informed decisions regarding your protection management.

Life Insurance

  • Term insurance – meets temporary needs such as mortgages and loans or the death of a key person
  • Whole life insurance – meets permanent needs such as estate planning and transfer of wealth
  • Different types of Whole life insurance include Participating and Universal Life – policies that allow for tax-advantaged growth within them
  • Can also assist with additional cash flow or fund a buyout agreement

Health and Disability Insurance

  • Critical illness insurance – can provide a tax-free lump sum in the event of an eligible diagnosis of a covered illness for an owner or key person or a professional – return of premium options may be available
  • Accident, sickness disability insurance – can replace some lost income, or provide for payments on loans when disabled due to accident or illness
  • Individual or group health insurance can benefit owners, employees and professionals, and their families – group benefits plans can help to attract and retain employees

Business and Professional Insurance

  • Commercial Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Small Business
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Auto

Every business, business owner and professional has their own unique needs.  With access to over 25 insurance companies and in consultation with our preferred professional financial partners your Licensed Financial Professional will build a plan that meets your needs specifically.  Contact us for more information.


Client, Markham ON

After conducting an in-depth needs analysis my Licensed Financial Professional at Lion’s Share Wealth Management educated me on my options, put together a top-notch protection package that gives me peace of mind that my business interests and income are protected and introduced me to a Commercial Broker who looked after my liability needs for me.

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