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"Strategic wealth management is not about being wealthy, it's about being financially healthy and having the freedom to live life on your own terms."

- Oprah Winfrey

ABOUT Lion's Share

Strategic wealth-building and protection advice focused on the succession of your business or Professional practice and wealth.  As Licensed Financial Professionals we work with a team of hand-picked financial experts to create tax-efficient, customized solutions for today and succession plans for your business and wealth.

Our strategic solutions consider your goals with an emphasis on protecting and growing your hard-earned money as well as a business succession plan, which allows for tax-advantaged growth and transfer of wealth.  Emphasis is placed on protecting your business, income, investments, and the financial well-being of your loved ones while minimizing your risk and tax exposure.  Working with our team, who become your team, of Financial Professionals, provides you with a road map to your financial goals, for yourself, your business or practice, and your loved ones.

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April Dawn Simpkiss


My career as a Licensed Financial Professional and ultimately a business owner began as a way to grow and protect security and wealth for my own family. As a mom, my family is my first passion, and that led to my passion for helping other families. Now, nearly two decades later, I have the honour and privilege of being welcomed into living rooms, board rooms and kitchens across Ontario where I get to provide people with valuable strategies, solutions, money-saving and money-making concepts! As the need for this combination of expertise and heart grew, so did Lion’s Share Wealth Management, ultimately developing into a full-service financial brokerage that helps hundreds of individuals, families and businesses each year.

I am immeasurably proud of the team here at Lion’s Share Wealth Management, Their expertise, commitment, and integrity set them, and us, apart from other Wealth Management Groups across Ontario. Combine that with a passion that matches my own and I am gratified to say that together we have built a corporate family that advises our clients and manages their financial needs with as much careful attention and dedication as we do for our own families.

Whether it be as a partner offering valuable products and services to our clients, as a Licensed Financial Professional or as a client yourself, I welcome you to the Lion’s Share Wealth Management family with open arms and very much look forward to working with you, and for you.



I wasn’t born a money manager! I was, however, determined to become one, for the peace of mind and security of myself and my family. During the process, I was disillusioned to find that my own Licensed Financial Professional and 2 others referred to me by friends would not assist and educate me until I had tens of thousands of dollars to invest with them! So, following much trial and error, I taught myself how to get out of debt, improve my credit score and begin to build wealth. Once that was achieved, I didn’t know how to grow or protect my money. As I climbed that hill of learning, again unassisted by my own Licensed Financial Professional, a fire was lit in me that drove me to bring this hard-won knowledge and these new skills to others without demanding investments as a condition. That’s how my career with Lion’s Share Wealth Management Group, a company that shares my philosophy and passion, was born.
As a Licensed Financial Professional, I help Business Owners, Professionals, families, and individuals protect their income and assets so they can live comfortably and achieve their future goals.
My expertise lies in understanding your unique situations, and goals and finding opportunities and solutions that solve multiple problems.
As a Business Owner and Chief Operating Officer myself I am passionate about helping others protect their hard-earned money, protect their businesses, practices, and families, and set their children on the best path financially.

Oral Rickards


I have been licensed now for over 13 years and loving every minute of it. As an immigrant from the Caribbean, I understand the frustrations and challenges families face trying to get ahead financially. In today’s fast-changing world a lot depends on money and how it’s stewarded. My passion is helping families understand the rudiments of a good financial foundation.

With that in mind, I also work patiently with Licensed Financial Professionals to provide much-needed support in what can sometimes be an intimidating new field.


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